Hey lovers! So sweet of you to drop in.

I'm Kay and honestly I'm typically not one that loves being in the spotlight but this is me:

For as long as I can remember, capturing big life moments has been important to me, and something that I have loved doing behind a lens. My passion has always been to capture honest, authentic, and unscripted memories for couples and families. Deep down I'm also a hopeless romantic and so I'm all about finding the magic that makes your heart go crazy and capturing it!

I like to think I'm in the business of making friends, and capturing love stories for my friends is a great joy.

I'm privileged to call Perth WA my home town, and my heart is often full of gratitude that we get to live here in this beautiful city. I'm also a mother of two incredible teens, the owner of one super cute Miniature Schnoodle pup who is my fur baby, and have been married to my hubby for 21 years now. Yip, you thought it, so I'll say it: We got married young! We met in church when we were just adults and never looked back. But that's not everyone's story. Whatever your's is, I'm so excited that you're looking into capturing your big life moment the way it deserves.

My hubby ( Stache ) and I were so very privileged to capture incredible life moments together for many couples over the years ( we were formerly known as Stache + Co Photography ) but since COVID has made it's stay, life has changed a fair bit and we were forced to make some tough decisions ( as many of you were too ), one of them being that he had to take a step back from our Photography Business and focus on his full time job to keep us going through this crazy season. He still shoots with me from time to time or when I need a second photographer on the day, and for those times I am grateful!